Valet-It Parking Company delivering the luxury of valet parking services to all events and establishments in Los Angeles County and Orange County. 


Why Valet-It?

When You Need Valet Parking

Challenges with parking are a fact of life in Los Angeles. Valet-It parking services allow your guests to relax while they conduct business with you or experience your event.

When You Want Luxury

For when VIP treatment is required for formal events and affairs…

  • Our professional valet attendants are trained in first-rate hospitality.
  • Our staff is distinguished and elegantly attired
  • We open doors for your esteemed guests
  • Optional cleaning and detailing services while your guests enjoy their visit.


  • Convenience means more customers for your business and a boost to your revenue
  • Hassle-Free parking enhances your guests’ experience.
  • Easy access for handicapped drivers
  • Efficient implementation of a system to handle the expected number of cars and guests.
  • We conveniently implement the “Just Scan It” mobile phone app, making the location of your guests’ vehicles a breeze

Worry-Free Operations

  • Permits are required by the city of Los Angeles to operate valet. Don’t make the expensive mistake of operating without one.
  • Valet-It Parking is well insured, bonded, and permitted by the governing city authority. Guests and their vehicles can visit your business or event without liability to you.
  • Have a more secure parking lot that frees up spaces non-patrons could be taking up
  • Don’t miss out on customers that can’t find a place to park for your business

Knowledgeable Experience That Pays

  • For permanent locations we are experts in working closely with the city to issue the necessary permits to start valet parking at your location.
  • For your event needs, our in depth event experience insures that you’ll be in good hands with skillfully managed traffic flow and guest services

Skilled Attendants

  • Knowledgeable about nearly every make and model of car and their quirks, including after-market alarm systems and keyless ignitions.
  • For luxury businesses, our attendants are trained in first-rate hospitality services.
  • May include, designated greeters, stackers, & runners

Discounted Rates from Our Affiliates

Our customers benefit from special discounted rates on:

  • Food Catering
  • Security Services,
  • I.P. limousine services,
  • Sign printing

Additional Services

  • Shuttle service for guests attending events at large venues
  • For locations with night-time operations our valet parking podiums employ state-of-the art LED displays featuring still or moving images that draw more customers and boost revenue for your business.
  • Optional security services are available

Who Uses Services from Valet-It?

A wide range of businesses use Valet-It parking services: from quality restaurants to office building and hotel parking lots that have hundreds of parking spaces. Valet-It also services hundreds of events a year.  We offer statewide parking services in California.


Valet-It is committed to its reputation as the premier provider for valet parking services in Los Angeles and Orange County. Valet-It is the high standard bearer for service, trained staff, modern equipment, and worry-free insurance coverage.